History of Barangay Bacsay

In the year 1800, the early settlers in Barangay Bacsay were the "AETAS". When Maximo, Isabelo and Fausto Silvestre from Paoay, Ilocos Norte migrated at said place the group of aetas departed from barangay bacsay and migrated in other place. but this migration facts are not enough to warrant a definite conditions.

The three (3) strangers started to clean and develop the place. Nature has given the site of rich soil and abundant natural resources. They irrigated the place. Rich Valleys and futile plains was planted with main crops like "palay", camote and others. They also practice dry agriculture similar to "kaingin" system which is practiced by some people there up to this days.

In the year 1900, under the American regime. Americans came to rule the place. According to "hearsays", Americans called the placed "BACSAY". It came from the word "BACK" meaning the place was located at the back of a small mountain and "SAY" from the Ilocano word "SAGAYSAY" because the mountain forms like a "Comb".

From then on, the place was called "BACSAY" and was recognized as one of the barangays in Camiling, Tarlac.

In the year 1920's the primary school in the barangay was built. The first teacher then was the former mayor of Camiling "Godofredo Dancel".


Barangay Bacsay is one of the sixty one barangay in the Municipality of Camiling, Tarlac. It is situated along the western part of the aforesaid town, approximately ten (10) kilometers away from the Poblacion area. In the north is Sitio Macondry Brgy. Maasin, a Barangay from the Municipality of San Clemente; South is Barangay San Jose a barangay from the Municipality of Mayantoc, Tarlac; West is Barangay Papaac Camiling, Tarlac and at the East portion lying a one (100) hundred meters in height hilly point from south to north behind the hill are Barangay Manupeg and Barangay Birbira Camiling, Tarlac all in the Province of Tarlac.

In addition, western part is the mountain ranges of Tarlac, Pangasinan and Zambales Provinces and about six (6) kms. Aerial distance more or less. The total land area is consist of six hundred seventy eight (678) hectares more or less and compose of Seven (7) puroks.

It is classified as third barangay because of its minimal income. Seventy percent of the residents living as a lowland and upland farmers. Most of them are tenants. Around forty (40) percent households belongs to the indigent families with income of about one hundred forty pesos (140) per day and that is during planting and harvesting season only and these is not enough for them and gor their families to meet their necessities.

The dialects used in the area are Ilocano and Tagalog.

Physical Feature

Water Ways

Bacsay is a traverse by a network of river and creeks. The water flows downcast hitting the Camiling River.


The topography of the Barangay is about forty percent (40%) slope and twenty percent (20%) hilly. The center parts have an extensive plain which is agricultural area.


The tremendous effort extended by the Municipal and Provincial Government. The Barangay Birbira - Bacsay road was concreted last 2004, with a total lenght of more or less (3) kilometers woth a widht of four (4) meters.

The prosposed Ramon Magsaysay National Road adjoining Barangay San Jose Mayantoc, Tarlac, Sitio Macondry Barangay Maasin, San Clemente, Tarlac and Purok 3 of Barnagay Bacsay all of the Tarlac Province have a four (4) kilometers road not yet cemented.


The Barangay has a total number of four (4) concrete bridges. Three (3) of this are erected along Ramon Magsaysay National Road and the other one (1) situated along the Provincial  road. Also one (1) hanging footbridge connecting to Purok 1 and Purok 2 with a lenght of twenty (20) meters horizontally crossed the Bacsay River.



The total population of Barangay Bacsay for the year 2009 - 2012 are the following:

2009 Popultaion - 763
Density Rate
male - 382
Female - 381

2010 Population - 830
Density Rate
Male - 415
Female - 415

2011 Population - 794
Density Rate
Male - 397
Female - 4397

2012 Population - 1117
Density Rate
Male - 559
Female - 558

Religious Sector

Religions are composed of the following and the percentages are:
Roman Catholic: 40%
Born Again Christian: 25%
Iglesia ni Cristo: 15%
Jehovah's Witnesses: 10%
Seventh Day Adventist: 10%

Economics and Agricultural Commodities

Barangay Bacsay is predominantly an agricultural place. Ninety percent (90%) out of ten (100%) of its people are engage in farming


Health Services sector is the concern of the Rural Health Midwife assigned, Rural Sanitation Inspector, Kagawad on Health and the Brangay Health Worker (BHW). THey are task to monitor and evaluate the health situation in the community.


A Barangay Hall in which most barangay businesses take place was located at the center of the barangay as well as the Day Care Center which provides an early education to all the kids, a public elementary school which provide education for elementary students in the barangay and nearby barangays, an outpost of the barangay tanod is present that is also use as counterpart for CENRO-DENR Camiling in monitoring illegal logging campaign.

Public Transportation

Transport services were present, tricycle was predominantly in use as transport for goods and passengers. Farm tractor was sometimes used in transporting harvest crops/products.

Punong Barangay
Rizal Lagmay
Contact Number: 0950-275-8416

Sangguniang Barangay Members
Alfredo S. Santos
Elvira Q. Silvestre
Ferdinand I. Dela Cruz
Roldan G. Toledo
Virgilio C. Agustin
Federico M. Pastor

Barangay Secretary
Jaime B. Aleta

Barangay Treasurer
Erlinda D. Agosalim

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