Goals and Objectives for the Social Sector

Goals Objectives
To have zero crime rate Increase the size of the police force to one policeman for every one thousand residents
Development Oriented
To increase the accessibility of social services and facilities especially to the most vulnerable groups of the society. Every barangay shall have a rural health unit
Educational Center
To increase the literacy rate Every barangay shall have a multi-purpose building intended as educational centers 
To provide high quality education and equitable access to training and opportunities Construction of TESDA training centers in the Poblacion barangays 

Goals and Objectives for the Environmental Sector

Goals Objectives
Safe, resilient, climate change-adaptive and well-planned community
Improved Environmental Quality for a Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Environment To effectively implement the 10-year solid waste management plan of Camiling in compliance with RA 9003

To comply with national sanitation and water code standards

Enhanced Adaptive Capacities of the Local Community and Ecosystems to Natural Hazards To reduce the risks or hazards from disasters caused by floods

To adopt/ enhance technologies to mitigate the effects of disasters

To enhance community’s adaptive capacity to natural hazards

Enhanced Conservation, Protection and Rehabilitation of Natural Resources To manage, protect and develop natural forest, established plantation and economically important non-timber forest products/ species

To encourage communities to enhance protection and sustain productivity of upland areas.

Goals and Objectives for the Economic Sector

Goals Objectives
To encourage the establishment of small, resource-oriented industries as well as other potential investors Implementation of tax breaks and/or incentives for business owners 
To increase economic growth Increase the number of banking and micro financing institutions 
To increase the production of crops, poultry, fisheries, and livestock Implementation of training programs for agricultural barangays regarding the farming of drought-resistant rice and other innovative farming techniques 
Agro-Industrial and Ecotourism Center
To spur the modernization of the agriculture sector Construction of post-harvest facilities and investment in farm mechanization
To promote culture and heritage Increase the volume of tourist arrivals by 50% in the following year

Goals and Objectives for the Physical Sector

Goals Objectives
To prevent flooding in the low-lying areas and in the town proper A fully functional drainage and sewerage system
To eliminate traffic congestion in the Poblacion barangays Implementation of transport routes according to the Local Public Transport Route Plan 
To reduce the difficulty of farmers in transporting their agricultural produce 50% of the remaining unpaved roads shall be fully concreted
To facilitate a safer and more convenient travel experience for all A fully functional central intermodal terminal

Goals and Objectives for the Institutional Sector

Goals Objectives
Guided by leaders that serve and govern with utmost responsibility and transparency
Professionalized the bureaucracy, improve its processes, strengthen its relationship with other LGUs, and ensure sufficient logistical requirements for effective governance Review of current staffing pattern to determine the manpower needs of the whole bureaucracy

Annual provision of relevant capacity-building activities (e.g., trainings/seminars) for employees and officials to improve the performance of their duties”

Maintain SGLG award

Ensured a financially-sound, stable, and capable municipality with increased fiscal autonomy, and improve government processes to promote better controls for greater accountability Annual increase of income from other sources

Government processes are computerized

A responsive government that ensures the safety of its people Determination of development needs of different sectors

Improve/streamline government processes

Updated and approved CLUP

Ensured all citizens are well-informed of government activities and undertakings, and that public data and information are easily accessible Strengthen information dissemination by improving and regularly updating the existing LGU website and other social media accounts;

Continuous strict implementation of RA No. 9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 in all government offices/processes