Facts and Figures

Kamiring Tree

No one among those interviewed can assist authoritatively how the town got its name. However, it was claimed that the name was derived from a shrub, which grew abundantly in a particular place. The plant has a poisonous sap or hairy substance covering most of its twigs or leaves known as “Camiring”, which, when it comes in contact with the skin, produces an irritatingly itchy sensation that can hardly be alleviated even when the skin is already become raw from continuous scratching. Due to some difficulties encountered in its pronunciation, the “R” of the term eventually changed into “L”. It is this vitiated pronunciation that eventually persisted thus, the town got its name “Camiling”.

Camiling is the home of the illustrious, as far as town’s outstanding citizens, past and present, who brought fame to the locality in history and in public service are concerned:

Carlos P. Rumulo – debater, educator, writer, author, thinker, publisher, soldier, statesman, leader and nationalist, of world unknown, 1st Fillipino President of the United Nations General Assembly and former Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cezar Bengzon – former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and 1st Filipino Chief Justice to be a member of the International Court of Justice.

Onofre D. Corpuz – former President of the University of the Philippines and Minister of the Educational Cultural Sports.

Paulino Santos – the late Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army.

Significant Events and Personalities in the Town’s History

1838CamilingBenito FontcubertaThe year when Camiling was made into a pueblo.
Camiling, Catholic ConventGeneral PedrocheHis death place together with his men, Gen. Francisco Makabulos and his revolutionary troops on order of General Antonio Luna on Charges of being rebel leaders.
April 2, 1867Leonor Rivera’s BirthdayLeonor RiveraDr. Rizal lovely fiancée who was idealized in Noli Me Tangere.

Getting Here

Private Car/Vehicle:

  • From Manila, take the North Luzon Expressway; exit Sta. Ines Toll Plaza in Mabalacat, Pampanga. Proceed towards north to Tarlac City. Upon reaching Barangay San Sebastian (Hon Kee Tea House), take a left turn to the bypass road (Tarlac – Pangasinan), follow road sign towards Alaminos, Pangasinan. Depending on traffic conditions, public transport from Manila to Camiling takes about 4 hours, private vehicle about 3 hours.

Public Transport:

  • Dagupan Bus Line: Location: New York Street, Cubao, Quezon City, Manila, Telephone Numbers: +63 2 727 2330, +63 2 929 6123, +63 2 928 5639, +63 2 727 2330, +63 2 727 2287
  • Five Star Bus Company: Location: Aurora Boulevard, Pasay City, Manila, Telephone Numbers: +63 2 833 8339, +63 2 833 3009
  • Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines Incorporated: Location: EDSA, Quezon City, Telephone Numbers: +63 2 734 9836, +63 2 734 9838
  • Victory Liner Incorporated: Location: EDSA, Pasay City, Manila, Location: 713 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City, Location: EDSA, Cubao, Telephone Numbers: +63 2 833 0293, +63 2 833 5019, +63 2 361 4665, +63 2 741 1439, +63 2 361 1506, +63 2 361 1510